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In Japan, domestic recruitment activities are becoming increasingly vibrant. However, the supply of high-quality talent with diverse skills is decreasing, and there is an impact from significant fluctuations due to reduced long-term commitments. Understanding these challenges, we have developed a talent recruitment platform called and are pleased to offer new services related to talent management.

What is is a portal that connects companies with Vietnamese talented human resources, with a particular focus on Japanese employers and IT companies that have a high demand for foreign workers. Specifically tailored for companies planning to establish subsidiaries or representative offices in Vietnam, offers a comprehensive range of solutions, from recruitment and initial infrastructure setup to talent development, process definition, and ongoing monitoring and control.

The mission of

Drawing upon our 20 years of experience in collaborating with Japanese companies, we are dedicated to providing long-term, excellent talent recruitment solutions to help Japanese companies achieve their strategic objectives and promote sustainable growth. is committed to assisting companies in finding the right personnel that align with both the current business landscape and future development directions. We strive to support this endeavor continuously.

Benefits of human resource services:

・Significantly reducing recruitment costs.

・The ability to hire high-quality talent instead of relying on HR agencies.

・Saving time for leaders and project teams.

・A rigorous recruitment process.

・Enhancing the commitment level of applicants.

・Having a guarantee policy.

The core values of

・Satisfaction: Rapid connections, pre-interview selection, and the introduction of only the most qualified candidates.

・Reliability: Ensuring information security and transparency in the hiring process.

・Companion: Hiring assistance, serving as a bridge to help new key members integrate into the company and achieve optimal results for both parties.

・Dedication: Recognizing trends, analyzing, and providing human resources strategy advice to your businesses.


If you have any questions about offshore development in Vietnam, requesting quotations, or arranging internal visits to SY PARTNERS for system development consulting and hiring Vietnamese talent, please feel free to contact us. We look forward to the opportunity to work with you!